Mia and Me S01E09 The Elves and the Dragon.mp4

Mia and Me

Hi there, sorry to get in someone's hair you but i saw that you have downloaded Mia and Me and I thoughtfulness you might want to know that I just got 3 more episodes…. ENJOY

Plunged into a splendid fairy account turned heartfelt, Mia must ascertain the brawniness within herself to guard a dash of unicorns — and an thorough sphere.

Mia used to announce about the berth of Centopia in an prehistoric order of myths. Now, thanks to a euphoric-tech portal designed by her confessor, she finds herself hurled into this wondrous sphere of elves, unicorns and pans. But the once halcyon realm is embroiled in differ. The noxious Epitome Panthea seeks to catching the unicorns and harness their power to keep herself juvenile. The valiant elves, led by dignified Prince Mo and hardy warrior Yuko, one-on-one to draw to a close her. And thanks to her second to none in harmony skills to en rapport with unicorns, Mia must as an individual protection the white-headed-horned Onchao. As she bounces between trying to fit in at her new followers and her as an elf, Mia must uncover skills she didn«t know she had, in her encounter to taboo this wonderful sphere from being consumed by Panthea»s noxious power.

Mia and Me S01E09 The Elves and the Dragon.mp4[img][/img]Mia and Me S01E09 The Elves and the Dragon.mp4

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