PBS Nova - S36E07 - The Deep Zooid Danger

«The world«s oceans are in tormenter. Warming seas and man-made pollutants are combining to unleash toxic algae blooms that are decimating whales, sea lions and other sea mammals. NOVA explores this moment through the exploits of Dr. Frances Gulland, a San Francisco veterinarian who runs an ER for sea mammals. Committed to thrifty these disgusted animals one at a things, she is also desperately trying to take out what»s coup them.»

Fill In: PBS.Nova.-.S36E07.-.Ocean.Animal.Emergency.mp4 (481MB, 54:12)
Decidedness: 720x480 (exclusive DVD), 4:3 side ratio
Audio: AAC 48kHz 128kb/s stereo
Video: H — 264 MPEG — 4, 29.97fps
Subtitles: English CC
Encoding: Handbrake, RF=22.5
To Begin With disseminate: 2008-Nov. — 25

Note: Wikipedia calls this adventure S35E17 (all of their adventure numbers seem to deviate from here.)

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