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Me109 : One Summer — Two Messerschmitts

Technology Documentary with no voice-over published by Planes TV in 2006 - English language


One summer there were 2 Messerschmitt 109 G«s in domicile at Duxford Airfield. Evil 6, one of the worlds most legitimate aircraft restorations and 109G «Black 2» flown by the Old Flying Contrivance Entourage. This haziness takes a look at both aircraft on the excuse sediment and in the air. There is also interviews with some of the work together behind «Black 6» as well as an audience with a aeronaut who has flown both Spitfires and a 109. Highlights tabulate a wonderful 109 vs Spitfire dogfight set, marvellous air-to air of «Black 6» and an in-cockpit camera. Featuring slightest commentary and utmost unimpaired FX this is not a news of the ME109, but an up guarded and actual look at how these noted aircraft are rebuilt and operated. If you»ve never been auspicious enough to see a 109 fly, this is the next best thing.


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