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Dr Michael Mosley investigates Britain's most in private and argumentative military experiment with camp, Porton Down, on its 100th anniversary. He comes physiognomy to physiognomy with chemical and biological weapons old and new, reveals the genuineness about outrageous zoological and hominoid testing, and discovers how the latest branch and technology are serving to take possession of us against anarchist attacks and rogue nations.


With unprecedented access, BBC Four brings audiences into the laboratories at one of Britain’s most in private military and well-organized experiment with bases, to cross-examine its argumentative depiction and romp the dicky occupation being done by scientists in comeback to the omen of chemical and biological weapons.

Following on from the celebrity of Contents Sellafield, where BBC Four took audiences into a atomic reactor, Contents Porton Down goes behind the scenes and under the microscope to learn more about some of the most dicky chemical and biological agents of our age.

It was at Porton Down that the experiment with scientists confirmed sarin as the fretfulness power used on the Syrian citizenry in 2013, triggering a worldwide comeback. Presenter Dr Michael Mosley considers the repercussions of its use.

One of the world«s first weapons of dimension slaying — an anthrax shell — also falls under Michael»s investigative eye as he explores the Scottish key of Gruinard, and simulates the private vapourising experiments that took quarters decades ago.

Only in late years has Gruinard been declared as harmless. Michael also examines the genuineness behind one of the most argumentative events in MOD experiment with depiction — the cessation of a minor airman called Ronald Maddison in the 1950s.

Michael is given access to follow the distillation of one of the most chancy chemical agents today, VX, which is made at Porton Down to probe British military sheltering accoutrements. Contents Porton Down will also take viewers contents some of the site’s most take possession of biological experiment with labs, where scientists have been tasked to locate out how ebola — potentially one of the biggest known threats fa us today — has the power to spread.

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