TrainSignal - Cisco CCENT - ICND1 100-101

Trainsignal Cisco CCENT — ICND1 100-101

These are Pluralsight's 4 parts of CCENT training:

Authored by: Ross Bagurdes

In this course, the scholar will learn the sine qua non concepts of networking, and then immedately put in this acquaintanceship to the configuration of a router and shift. By the end of the course, the scholar will have enough acquaintanceship to set up a network habitat that has multiple subnets over multiple effective LANs (VLANs), use network speech transferral (NAT) to fit to the Internet, and clap out IP addresses automatically. Additionally, the scholar will take a earnestly duck into IP addressing, using binary, to really narrow the gap a sine qua non opinion of how endpoints are addressed. All you need as a requirement is a willingness to learn and central computer skills.

Instruction 0: Getting Started with ICND1 (100-101)
Instruction 1: Introduction to Text Networking
Instruction 2: Introduction to Network Protocols
Instruction 3: Network Models
Instruction 4: The OSI Beau Id and Encapsulation
Instruction 5: TCP and UDP
Instruction 6: Introduction to Binary
Instruction 7: Introduction to IP Addressing
Instruction 8: Router Basics
Instruction 9: Router Configuration
Instruction 10: SSH and CLI Tips
Instruction 11: Routing Packets
Instruction 12: Ethernet and Switching
Instruction 13: Shift Configuration
Instruction 14: Other Text Component Layer Protocols and the Navy Surgeon Layer
Instruction 15: Introduction to Subnetting
Instruction 16: Subnetting Examples
Instruction 17: Unfixed Reach Subnet Masking (VLSM)
Instruction 18: Erection the Routing Table
Instruction 19: Itinerary Summarization
Instruction 20: Dynamical Routing
Instruction 21: Introduction to OSPF
Instruction 22: Effective LANs (VLANs)
Instruction 23: VLAN Trunks
Instruction 24: Inter-VLAN Routing
Instruction 25: Dynamical Hotelier Configuration Politesse (DHCP)
Instruction 26: Trouble Network Speech Transferral (NAT)
Instruction 27: Dynamical Network Speech Transferral (NAT)
Instruction 28: Access Lead Lists (ACLs)
Instruction 29: Extended Access Lead Lists
Instruction 30: Shift Assurance: Exclusive VLANs, DHCP Spoofing, and DTP
Instruction 31: Shift Assurance: Switchport Haven-security
Instruction 32: Network Machine Security
Instruction 33: IPv6
Instruction 34: Next Steps

About the framer:
Ross has had a mixed trade. He has a Structural Engineering situation from Milwaukee Philosophy of Engineering, but gave up the trade testily after graduating from college. Birth in 1997, Ross began officially working in IT, implementing and supporting a paperless drudgery make combination for a Ordinary Gas Utility in Illinois. Since then, Ross has knackered his years teaching and managing text networks. Ross knackered 7 years at University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics, supporting and managing the hefty aggressiveness network. He now has returned to teaching at Madison College in Madison, Wisconsin.

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