InfiniteSkills_Dynamic Web Construct with PHP and MySQL

In this PHP — MYSQL training course you will learn how to leverage PHP and MySQL for your website unfolding to dream up eager, interactive websites. This training is designed for the savvy developer, you should have some taste with programming languages, and instruct with PHP and MySQL, as well as HTML.

Prime Mover Steve Perry starts with some basics on PHP, and integrating it into a website behaviour. The tutorial continues on with some PHP programming fundamentals, covering the most often used functions — IF, ELSE, AND, OR, NOT, and others. You then boards looping, arrays and functions. As you maintain on in this video training course, you boards the basics of MySQL — adding, deleting and updating matter to tables. You will then integrate PHP and MySQL together for managing your matter. You use up off with some CSS, javascript and Ajax integration to train it all together to recompense for your place interactive.

Throughout this video tutorial, you will accomplish assignments that will help you solicit everything you are scholarship along the way. By the end of this video course, you will have a cubic accord of how to solicit PHP and MySQL together to dream up a eager website. Universal working files are provided to allow you to result from along and dream up a draft with the prime mover in this Eager Web Construct Course with PHP and MySQL.

01. Introduction
02. Interface
03. PHP Basics
04. PHP Programming Fundamentals
05. Advanced PHP Constructs
06. Functions, Arrays, And Strings
07. Introduction To MySQL
08. PHP With MySQL
09. PHP With Advanced MySQL
10. PHP With CSS, JavaScript And Ajax
11. Conclusion

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