Rammstein - Grunt & Made In Germany 320Kbps MP3 [TUGA RG]

Manumission by «Pirata-Tuga»:Rammstein — Grouse & Made in Germany (1995-2011) 320Kbps CBR
Grouse: 320Kbps CBR (Twist) Author: Tuga_RG (CD's)
Made in Germany:320Kbps CBR (Twist) Author: TUGA _RG (CD's)
Grouse Tracklist:
01.-«Mein Herz brennt» (My Enthusiasm Burns)
02.-«Links 2-3-4» (Left-Wing 2,3,4)
03.-«Sonne» (Sun)
04.-«Ich Will» (I Want)
05.-«Feuer Frei!» (Fervency At Will!)
06.-«Mutter» (Mum)
07.«Spieluhr» (Music Box)
08.-«Zwitter» (Hermaphrodite)
09.-«Rein Raus» (In Out)
10.-«Adios» (Goodbye)
11.-«Nebel» (Fog)
Made in Germany Tracklist:
01.-«Engel» (Angel)
02.-«Links 2-3-4» (Left-Wing 2-3-4)
03.-«Keine Lust» (No Lust)
04.-«Mein Teil» (My Social Gathering)
05.-«Du Hast» (You Have)
06.-«Du Riechst So Gut» (You Foetor So Righteousness)
07.-«Ich Will» (I Want)
08.-«Mein Herz Brennt» (My Enthusiasm Burns)
09.-«Mutter» (Mum)
11.-«Rosenrot» (Rose-red)
12.-«Haifisch» (Shark)
13.-«Amerika» (America)
14.-«Sonne» (Sun)
15.-«Ohne Dich» (Without You)
16.-«Mein Land» (My Boonies)

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