Captain Beefheart – 1980 - Doc At The Radar Spot (2015 Japanese Narrow SHM-SACD) [FLAC@88.2khz24bit]

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Captain Beefheart – 1980 - Doc At The Radar Station

(2015 Japanese Fixed SHM-SACD] [FLAC@88.2khz24bit]

Captain Beefheart – 1980 - Doc At The Radar Spot (2015 Japanese Narrow SHM-SACD) [FLAC@88.2khz24bit]

Captain Beefheart

Captain Beefheart – 1980 - Doc At The Radar Spot (2015 Japanese Narrow SHM-SACD) [FLAC@88.2khz24bit]

Don Van Vliet (born Don Glen Vliet; January 15, 1941 – December 17, 2010) was an American soloist, songwriter, musician and artist best known by the lap name Captain Beefheart. His euphonious employment was conducted with a rotating collection of musicians called the Enchantment Collection (1965–1982), with whom he recorded 13 studio albums. Popular for his forceful singing expression and his far-reaching vocal migrate, Van Vliet also played the harmonica, saxophone, and numerous other bombast instruments. His music integrated blues, unnerve,
psychedelia, and jazz with up to date experiential shaping and the avant-garde; many of his works have been classified as «art unnerve.» Beefheart was also known for often constructing myths about his being and for exercising an almost absolute prescribe over his supporting musicians. An artistic boy genius in his infancy, Van Vliet later developed an eclectic euphonious drop during his teen years in Lancaster, California, and formed «a mutually useful but volatile» deep regard with musician Honest Zappa, with whom he sporadically competed and collaborated. He began performing with his Captain Beefheart front in 1964 and joined the indigenous Enchantment Collection area-up, initiated by Alexis Snouffer, in 1965. The collect drew acclaim with their lie on of Bo Diddley«s «Diddy Wah Diddy», which became a regional hit. It was followed by their acclaimed initiation album Ok as Exploit, released in 1967 on Buddah Records. After being dropped by two consecutive souvenir labels, they signed to Zappa»s Unkink Records. As creator, Zappa granted Beefheart unrestrained artistic leisure in making 1969«s Trout Lie On Copy, which was ranked 58th in Rolling Stone magazine»s 2003 index of the 500 greatest albums of all moment. Beefheart followed this up with the album Lick My Decals Off, Child, released in 1970. In 1974, frustrated by scarcity of commercial outcome, he released two albums of more ordinary unnerve music that were critically panned; this touch, combined with not having been paid for a European walkabout, and years of continuing Beefheart«s rude behavior, led the unalloyed collection to beat it. Beefheart at the end of the day formed a new Enchantment Collection with a collect of younger musicians and regained up to date imprimatur through three sure albums: Glinting Brute (1978), Doc at the Radar Install (1980) and Ice Cream for Crow (1982). Van Vliet has been described as «one of novel music»s unelaborated innovators« with »a bizarre affiliate of employment almost unrivalled in its hardy and plastic creativity.«[4][10] Although he achieved little commercial or mainstream momentous outcome, he continued a cult following as a »highly significant« and »incalculable» play on an array of new undulate, delinquent, column-delinquent, experiential and choice unnerve musicians. Known for his enigmatic psyche and relationship with the community, Van Vliet made few community appearances after his retirement from music in 1982. He pursued a pursuit in art, an consequence profit that originated in his infancy tendency for marble, and a fling which proved to be his most financially guarantee. His expressionist paintings and drawings prescribe heinous prices, and have been exhibited in art galleries and museums across the just ecstatic. Van Vliet died in 2010, having suffered from multiple sclerosis for many years.

Doc At The Radar Station

(2015 Japanese Fixed SHM-SACD)

Captain Beefheart – 1980 - Doc At The Radar Spot (2015 Japanese Narrow SHM-SACD) [FLAC@88.2khz24bit]

Artist: Captain Beefheart And The Enchantment Band
Name: Doc At The Radar Station
Size: SACD, Half-Breed, Album, Reissue, Remastered, SHM
SACD Mastering: Manabu Matsumura at All-Embracing Music Studios, Tokyo, in 2015
Creator: Don Van Vliet
Discharge Assignation: August 1980, (Japanese Fixed SHM-SACD May 27, 2015)
Recorded: Feeling Hall Recording Studios, LA June 1980
Identify: Virgin Records, All-Embracing Records Japan
Catalog: UIGY — 9690
Barcode: 4 988005 885333
Variety: Unnerve, Experiential Unnerve, Blues Unnerve, Choice Unnerve, Art Unnerve, Avant-Garde
Duration: 38:47

Doc at the Radar Install is the eleventh studio album by Captain Beefheart and the Enchantment Collection, released in August 1980 to favorable reviews. Although about half of the album's songs are based on old euphonious ideas, Mike Barnes states that «most of the revamping employment built on skeletal ideas and fragments ... would have mouldered away in the vaults had they not been exhumed and transformed into very-blown, entirely convincing new data.»

AllMusic Commentary by Steve Huey:
Principally acclaimed as the strongest album of his comeback, and by some as his best since Trout Lie On Copy, Doc at the Radar Install had a obdurate, scanty feeling owing partly to the virtuosic new adaptation of the Enchantment Collection (featuring to be to come Pixies sideman Eric Drew Feldman, New York downtown-view guitarist Gary Lucas, and a returning John “Drumbo” French, among others) and partly to the unblocked, stripped-down effort, which augmented the Captain’s prime dual-guitar interplay and restive rhythms with subsidiary percussion instruments and touches of Glinting Beast’s synths and trombones. Many of the songs on Doc either reworked or fully developed unpractised in data composed around the moment of the creatively luxuriant Trout Lie On sessions, which adds to the ardent performances. Even if the Captain’s expression isn’t quite what it once was, Doc at the Radar Install is an outstanding, focused consolidation of Beefheart’s defunct and then-present.

Captain Beefheart – 1980 - Doc At The Radar Spot (2015 Japanese Narrow SHM-SACD) [FLAC@88.2khz24bit]

01. Hot Be In — 3:21
02. Ashtray Pity — 3:26
03. A Carrot Is As Confidential As A Rabbit Gets To A Diamond — 1:37
04. Run Decorate Make Merry Run Run — 3:38
05. Sue Egypt — 2:57
06. Brickbats — 2:40
07. Unwashed Down Gene — 3:50
08. Best Assortment Yet — 5:00
09. Buzz — 1:33
10. Flavor Bud Living — 5:08
11. Sheriff Of Hong Kong — 6:32
12. Making Dear One To A Vampire With A Monk On My Knee — 3:10


Captain Beefheart (Don Van Vliet) – vocals, Chinese gongs, harmonica, soprano saxophone, bass clarinet
John French – plane guitar, guitar, marimba, bass, drums (on «Ashtray Heart» and «Sheriff of Hong Kong»)
Bruce Lambourne Fowler – trombone
Jeff Moris Tepper – plane guitar, guitar, cheek guitar
Eric Drew Feldman – synthesizer, bass, mellotron, super piano, charged piano
Robert Arthur Williams – drums

Additional Personnel:

Gary Lucas – guitar, French horn

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Captain Beefheart – 1980 - Doc At The Radar Spot (2015 Japanese Narrow SHM-SACD) [FLAC@88.2khz24bit]

Captain Beefheart – 1980 - Doc At The Radar Spot (2015 Japanese Narrow SHM-SACD) [FLAC@88.2khz24bit]

Captain Beefheart – 1980 - Doc At The Radar Spot (2015 Japanese Narrow SHM-SACD) [FLAC@88.2khz24bit]

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