Fireball [2009]x264DVDrip(MartialArts)

Fireball [2009]x264DVDrip(MartialArts)



Video Information
Keyboard.................: Movie
Walk Validation......: MD5 & SHA — 256 HASH

Designation................: Fireball,
Studio...............: E1 Entertainment
Actors...............: Preeti Barameeanat, Khanutra Chuchuaysuwan
Directors............: Thanakorn Pongsuwan
Writers..............: Thanakorn Pongsuwan, Kiat Sansanandana
Genre................: Function, Acting, Belligerent Arts
Issue Date.........: 29 January 2009 (Thailand),
Duration.............: 01:32:41 ( per manifest necessary feature )
Rated................: R
Cloak(s) Included....: Yes

Communication.............: Thai
Subtitles............: English
Resolution...........: 480p @ 16x9
Start...............: Retail R2 U.K. DVD

IMDb Report.....:
IMDb Rating..........: 5.2
RT Rating............: 8%

Encoding/Bitrate Information
Area : MPEG — 4
Walk : 1.10 GiB
Overall bit place fad : Variable
Overall bit place : 1 704 Kbps


Area : AVC
Format/Info : Advanced Video Codec
Area earn : High@L4
Area settings, CABAC : Yes
Area settings, ReFrames : 8 frames
Bit place : 1 599 Kbps
Extensiveness : 720 pixels
Acme : 576 pixels
Presentation position proportion : 16:9
Mount place fad : Constant
Mount place : 25.000 fps
Keyboard : PAL
Bit deepness : 8 bits
Glance At keyboard : Progressive
Handwriting library : x264 gist 142 r2479 dd79a61


Area : AAC
Format/Info : Advanced Audio Codec
Bit place fad : Variable
Bit place : 96.0 Kbps
Direct(s) : 2 channels
Direct positions : Face: L R
Sampling place : 48.0 KHz
Designation : Stereo / Stereo
Communication : Thai

Filename : Fireball [2009]x264DVDrip(MartialArts).mp4
MD5 : f4ed59d9d8bd237d3d64a3e86296ed4a
SHA — 256 : 289bbfdd528075c103e45d6e990fe45b3b5c9916adf8ef11130f976999ac29e6
Walk : 1,184,625,033

Please go to the following website for comprehensive report:

When I stepped into my townswoman video start last week, I was looking for an function large screen, but I couldn«t judge what to determine. About halfway down the shelves, my eyes settled on this movie»s cloak and I saw the words:

«Basketball as an Partisans Blood Sport»

Basketball _and_ Thai Boxing? I couldn«t think of a better organization since Reese»s combined chocolate and peanut butter! I had luxurious hopes that I would be watching an epic brawler — and I was not disenchanted in my choice.


We start off with the necessary kind, Tai, getting released from lock-up. His connect confrere, Tan, put up a sizeable amount of spondulicks to contribute to this materialize. Tai soon learns his confrere earned this spondulicks by playing an unlawful divertissement called Fireball — and Tan is now in a coma from being beaten within an inch of his .

In uncalled-for to plant spondulicks to get his confrere a -redemptive operating, Tai slips into his brother«s uniqueness and joins one of the Fireball teams, with the aim of reaching the finals to win a sizeable liquidate esteem. Tai also learns his brother»s would-be iceman is playing on another tandem join up — so he's got some get even for to dish out before the event is over.

Each tandem join up has 5 players. Whoever scores a details first is the conquering hero. However, if no one scores, the tandem join up with the last man fixed is the conquering hero. Whether it's the first line of work or the end event agree, there are no referees...and no mercy.

From the second the basketball was thrown onto the closed court, I knew I was going to profit from this obtain. Thoughts throwing elbows, these guys were throwing HAYMAKERS! As soon as someone attempted a layup or an alley-oop, I knew an axe-rebound or a assembly attack would be sure to follow...and they did! Flying knee kicks to the case and crescendo, strange weapons thrown in, kicking a guy when he was down, fighting in the rainstorm, I never knew what was coming next!

Now with every covering, there is some down time...and Fireball is no anomaly. There are moments off the court where we see minor glimpses into each player's and why they need to win the event. Most of the acting is mignonne hammy, they all want to work their problems by attractive spondulicks — alike resemble to the acreage of 13: Line Of Work of Ruin, another Thai covering. I was itching for the next function locale to rebound in, and thankfully I never had to postponed very long.

As wares as the struggle scenes were; some of the visuals were choppy. A Steadicam was being used but sometimes it looked like the camera was shaking during the fighting. I couldn«t judge if this was unfailing or accidental..try to devise a Thai variety of the struggle scenes in the Jason Bourne series and you»ve got the imprecise end. The lighting was well done so you could always see the function, a whopping plus!



Fireball [2009]x264DVDrip(MartialArts)
Fireball [2009]x264DVDrip(MartialArts)
Fireball [2009]x264DVDrip(MartialArts)

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Fireball [2009]x264DVDrip(MartialArts)

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