Bagdad Cafe (1987) DVDrip [H264]

Jasmin, a German visitor in America, touches the lives of other people that at first disdain her. In fait accompli, Jasmin is an angel that happens to come to the help of the bankrupt people at the sickly cafe-motel because she perceives belle where there is ugliness, anticipation where there was anguish and turns everyone around to appreciate her for what she contributes to improve their lives.

Bagdad Cafe (1987) DVDrip [H264]

Marianne Sagebrecht, CCH Pounder, Jack Palance
aka: Out of Rosenheim


Roots: DVD
Filetype: mp4
Codec: H264/AVC
Inflexibility: 720x384
Light Relationship: 1.85
Devise Type: 23.976
Codec: aac
Channels: 2
Type: 48000 Hz
Bitrate: 192 kb/s

Runtime: 1hr 31min

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