Factorio Linux Mac 0.13.4

Factorio Linux Mac 0.13.4

Factorio Linux Mac 0.13.4

For effectuation reasons: latency state of affairs blueprint construction is automatically non-functioning if construction blueprints with a combined outright of more than 300 entities + tiles.
Performer names are now shown in the About this flow: quarrel instead of just «player».
Unflagging the «No such node (application_version)» misconduct when starting a headless server
Unflagging modules could get into assembling machines that didn't allow them for the stylish system.
Unflagging desync when holding most rotatable items for construction in the latency state of affairs.
Unflagging develop-by-working sound judgement for below-ground belts and below-ground pipes.
Unflagging construction robots grabbing items from the performer cursor and trying to use them as service packs.
Unflagging killed entities not keeping modules to-be-delivered in some cases.
Unflagging headless server being counted as a performer for the performer limit.
Unflagging explode when belts would die due in some instances.
Unflagging Lua GUI events getting fired before the existent GUI environment was modified.
Unflagging explode when getting killed by a locomotive you currently had the GUI unobstructed for.
Unflagging vapour temperature restricted recipes didn't occupation when vapour flowed in from the pink side of the vehicle.
Unflagging server crashing when starting a LAN play with no internet drag relatives.
Unflagging explode when modded walls didn't have a outlining for connected admissions visualization.
Unflagging forcefulness bar on battery materiel.
Unflagging tip GUI expanse issues with lots of entities using the bonuses.
Unflagging mod hotkeys not working when you'd have more than 1.
LuaEntity::built_by can be used with ghosts if the inner ghost supports built_by.
LuaEntity::system can be deliver assign to off furnaces as well as assembling machines.

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