For to Aztlan v1.0.1 occupied [apkpita]

For to Aztlan v1.0.1 occupied [apkpita]
Quest to Aztlan v1.0.1

Mission to Aztlan is a RPG, risk and plan daring in which you'll surpass your heroes to the late megalopolis of Aztlan.

Lineaments compelling creatures who watch over this megalopolis in extraordinary loyal at all times RPG battles.

Are you all set to root the secrets of Aztlan and surpass your heroes to victory?

— Prefer your heroes according to the plan you want to look into b pursue into donnybrook.
— Each principal has in perfect accord stats and skills.
— The plan is the key! Each principal has putrefying and defensive skills. Will you denounce your foe or stick up for an ally?
— Every at all times you win a donnybrook you get coins that you can fritter away on new weapons and items.

— Loyal-at all times battles that will constantly examine your plan!
— RPG battles where you have to baby agile decisions and umpire fix what orders you will divulge to your heroes.
— Use consumables (bombs, potions, poisons, etc.) to help your heroes in donnybrook.
— Basic the different skills and stats of your heroes. It is major for the conquest!

— 40 challenging levels chuck-full of activity and enemies that will try to taboo you achieving conquest.
— 4 different locations (jungle, caves, hoary ruins and the Capacious Mosque of Aztlan). Can you worst each of them?
— Challenging and chuck-full of activity as no other daring.
— Substantial order of items: weapons and equippable items for each person that submit a multitude of different combinations, dozens of consumables for donnybrook (bombs, potions, poisons) and recondite magical objects.

— Hundreds of combinations of enemies that will try to impediment your advance through the different locations.
— Each foe has in perfect accord skills that will examine your plan and initiative ability.
— Use wisely the loyal skills of each person. It will be decisive for the upshot of the donnybrook!
— Enemies will become more compelling and intelligent as you prepayment, gift you new and greater challenges. Could you strike them?

Know Aztlan experience through the swiftness chronicle, where curiosities, details and most grave events will be narrated plus sketches and drawings to root in deeply the discernment of this legendary megalopolis. You can unlock this contented throughout the peregrination.

The risk begins recruiting your own order of adventurers. These lineaments heroes come from different parts of the delighted and have very different histories and skills. Every get must have a band leader and three companions, matchless to lots of different combinations, each with different donnybrook strategies.

Disappoint your enemies to get coins and fritter away them in the Merchant's keep, a snooping person who appears at the end of each day of tours. Incarcerated the keep you will chance items for your swiftness: weapons, clothing, supplies and magical items. Supervise your resources by investing in weapons or supplies for donnybrook or spending section of your coins to salvage your advance. The statistics of these objects are randomly generated depending on the even. Mission to Aztlan is a plan r-playing daring that will examine your skills!

Do not groupie this capacious RPG risk!

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Requirements: Android OS 2.3 and up

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